Friday, 8 April 2016

                             Reading reflection                       In reading we have been learning how to do summarizing.
You have to find the main points from start to end.
You have to understand content and structure.
You look for visual clues and you've summarized. 


In maths iv'e been learning to do rounding. I need to know this because it can help me when i'm older if i need to buy something. this is how you can do it if you've got 2.50 and what you got costed 2.46 you would round it to 2.50 because its over 5 if it was 4 it would be 2.40. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


At the Noho

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swimming sports

                                     Swimming Sports

We had senior swimming sports on Friday. I was waiting for them to call 10 year old's, I was worried I couldn't do any good. I thought I'd come last. "10 year old boys to the marshaling area". I walk up, sit down in a line. I get numbered off, I wait, now its my turn. I walk up feeling sick. "On your marks, get set" clap I race in to the pool and go hard out and come third. I think to myself third is good, I'm amazed I thought I'd lost but I did good.