Thursday, 10 November 2016


I was talking to Layton at the the top of the mountain it felt like we were we on a giant ice-cream.I asked Layton whether he wanted a race he said sure.We got ready and set off.I was zooming and winning.The cold breeze felt like the sea hitting me.I was swerving up and down the mountain i saw a little jump so i took the opportunity and did a huge 360. That's when i made my mistake I saw Layton and tried to speed up i had to speed up or i would lose. People were in my way so i had to dodge them.I turned left and right dodging people I nearly bowled over a little kid.I scouted around for the sight of Layton. I saw him he was just ahead of me.I bent my knees and sped up.I dodge someone and went straight into Layton and practically R.K.O,ed  him we fell into the icy cold snow i ate some it was disgusting it tasted like vomit we both started cracking up laughing.